What are some top examples of non-traditional casino games?

What are some top examples of non-traditional casino games?

Casino games have always been a popular way to have fun. This is mainly down to the excitement they offer and the buzz that people get from playing them. Over time, online casinos have gained traction and become arguably the place that people like to game now. When you think of the cool bonuses and range of games that internet casinos offer, this is no surprise.

Resorts Casino is a top NJ online casino site and showcases just why iGaming platforms are so well-loved globally. Easy to use and with superb customer support, it has all the classic games you could want. But what if you fancy trying out something other than old favorites such as poker, blackjack and roulette? What are some of the best non-traditional casino games to enjoy?

Sic bo

Also known as tai sai or dai siu, sic bo is a dice game of Chinese origin found at many casinos. This is a game played with three dice and whose name translates into English as ‘precious dice’. Very popular in Asia, it has also found a firm following in the UK and US over time. The basic premise sees players betting that certain conditions will be met when the three dice are rolled. This could be that all three dice show the same number, or that the total value of all three dice is above a certain number.


Another unusual casino game you can find at lots of casinos is keno. This is a lottery-style gambling game and sees players choose 20 numbers from one to 80 to bet on. After all of the players have selected the 20 numbers they will back, numbers are drawn at random to find a winner. Each casino will pay out on keno slightly differently, so it is key to check the pay table before putting down any money. Keno has actually seen a rise in the number of people playing in recent years, and is now one of the most popular non-traditional titles to enjoy.


This is another game with Chinese origins that you could try when looking for a new challenge. Developed in the 19th century, Mahjong is a tile-based game that has spread across the world since then and is a favorite with many online casino sites. A game of skill, strategy and luck, it’s similar to rummy and makes use of 144 tiles with Chinese symbols on them. Players get 13 tiles to begin with, and they must try to form four sets and one pair of matching tiles to win.

Unusual casino games lots of fun

There is no doubt that classics such as poker and roulette are always going to be popular with players. Sometimes though, you might fancy trying something new and seeing what else is out there. In fact, trying out fresh games is one of the secret tips to get more from casino play. Non-traditional casino titles are perfect for this, and the ones that we have looked at above show why. Not only are they exciting and fun, but they also bring a whole new dimension to your play.